bright picture of man holding paper house

bright picture of man holding paper house

Winter is round the corner, and there are people who would like to buy or sell homes depending on when and where they are going to relocate. Contrary to popular belief, winter is not that bad a time to sell your home; actually some people prefer to sell during the winter because they can have relaxed home showings, detailed discussions with less-harried buyers and practically no frenzied real estate deals happening.

Beautify the exterior of your home

Winter is the time when it is not easy to keep the exterior of the home cheerful and pleasing. So you will have to do a lot of extra work to maintain its beauty. Clean the exterior of your home and repaint it just before the winter. The windows must be freshly washed and cleaned as well. In winter, the days are shorter, so you must have proper lighting fixtures in your home. You will probably have to light them all during the home showing, especially, if the showing is late in the evening. That’s the time when you can really impress them.

A bright curb appeal

During winter, take special care to have a bright and cheerful curb. Your curb is one of the first impression points in your house, so make sure you put out some colorful potted flowers. It would breathe life into garden. You might have to rake the leaves, clean the sidewalk and remove the snow more than twice a day, but it is worth the effort.

Keep your home warm and ready

When your prospective buyer comes in to your house, let the warmth of a recently lit fireplace welcome him. Greet him with a cup of hot cocoa and he would be would be pretty impressed and receptive regarding your home. Additionally, you can place thick blankets on the couch to generate that warmth.

Home repairs

Come winter or spring, finish off all the repairs of the home before selling it. Leaky taps and broken door knobs might turn off buyers, even though they are not serious issues. Service the HVAC system so you can keep the heating on.

Take photos of your home when it looks its best

Everyone knows that winter is the most coldest, drab time of the year. So take photos of your home during the spring and summer months and show them off to the buyer. This would help the buyer to visualize your home in its true beauty.

When you are getting ready for home showing, listen to the weather forecast; you may have to postpone the showing if the weather is bad.