San Diego is the jewel of California. It is one of the few places in the world where you can visit the beach, play in the snow, and ride quads in the desert – all in the same weekend. It is no surprise that home prices are substantially higher than other parts of the country.  Whether a buyer is looking for a home with coastal breezes, dry dessert, or a combination of both, San Diego delivers.

For those that love a color nightlife, beautiful scenery and 70* – 80* weather 90% of the year, San Diego’s beach cities cannot be matched. Coronado is among the most beautiful beach cities in San Diego, offering haute retailers, restaurants, and of course beautiful, white sand beaches. La Jolla and Del Mar are also beautiful beach cities, but offer more of a local feel. The tide pools and diving coves make La Jolla a perfect spot for an all day beach adventure. For those that prefer a beach city reminiscent of Hollywood movies, look no further – Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach and Imperial Beach are exactly that. Visitors and residents are sure to see a very active community that takes full advantage of their climate. The boardwalks are swarmed with roller-bladers, joggers, bikers, and beach goers. In addition to the buzzing, active daytime community, these beach cities also provide a colorful nightlife.

Some residents will prefer east county San Diego, which is known to be 10* warmer than the beach cities at any given day. El Cajon, Santee, and Lakeside residents enjoy activities such as desert camping, dirt biking, paintball and even horse riding. Anyone looking to live in an area that is relatively rural will feel at home in Lakeside. Homes in Lakeside generally offer larger lot sizes, which cater to those of us who prefer to be at least a stone’s throw away from their closest neighbor. Although the East County differs greatly from it’s beachy counterpart, it’s still a quick drive to the tide.

Of course, San Diego offers areas that smack in the middle of it’s two “extremes”. Those that prefer to be more central will love La Mesa, North Park, and Mission Valley. La Mesa is as east as you can go without being East County. La Mesa is great for those that want to live in San Diego, but don’t want to pay the San Diego premium. Prefer direct access to the major freeways and bustling shopping centers? Than Mission Valley is the place for you.  North Park is a quaint community with a heavy culture of artistry. Most of San Diego’s fashion forward artists frequent North Park’s historical neighborhoods and “dive” bars. As with every slice of San Diego, these central locations are close to everywhere you want to be.

San Diego has an undeniable draw. There are few cities that match its fantastic weather and superior diversity. San Diego’s draw cannot be denied. In fact, the San Diego native is becoming a minority. The majority of the city’s population is comprised of individuals from other cities, states, or even countries. San Diego is where people take a permanent vacation. Whether you live here, or just visiting, you never want to leave. San Diego is the perfect city. A paradise city that offers a delicious bite, no matter what your tastes are!