Relieving Home Buying Anxiety

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If buying a home is one of the major investments made by a person in his life, then the stress he experiences during and after the buying process is probably one of a kind too.  All the emotions that you’ve hidden during those months of home hunting suddenly climaxes, followed by an anti climax and finally, anxiety. Though man’s primal nature is to escape from anxiety (a trait which he garnered while lived in the wilderness), home buying is not something you can escape from after you’ve committed to it. Though you may wonder whether you’ve made the right decision in selecting a particular home, it is only natural that you feel the stress especially when you are a first time homebuyer. Here are simple stress-busters you can use:

Remember, you are your own boss

The job of a Realtor is to sell you a house. When they take you along for home showing, they are showing you those houses which they think would be good for you. Yes, it is true that Realtor’s also take into consideration what you have stated in your requirements. When you see a home that you don’t like, don’t be bound by what the Realtor says – be your own boss. Realtor’s can only help you find what you want; they cannot be the ultimate decision makers.

Arm yourself with mortgage loan before making the plunge

Financing a property is a serious headache most buyers go through. If you are able to get financing from your lender, then half the stress is over. But if the lender doesn’t see you as a suitable candidate for mortgage, then that could leave you feeling depressed. The stress would only increase if you wanted to buy a house badly and have actually found a house that you’ve wanted to buy. Save yourself the depression and make sure you qualify for mortgage before you go house hunting.

Be ready to make room for adjustments

There is no such thing as a perfect home, though Realtors may say otherwise. Every home in every neighborhood has its own pros and cons. It is according to your priorities that you have to ultimately base your decision. Unless you are forced to make compromises on major requirements, you need to learn to let go of a few minor issues. Only then will you be totally happy with the purchase.

Buy what you can afford

Much of the stress comes from buying a home you cannot afford to own. Remember, you have to pay the mortgage every month. Making compromises now would be better, than owning a home for which you cannot afford to pay mortgage a few months down the line.

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