Finding the right real estate agent can be a tough cookie to crack, especially if you are new to buying or selling a home/property. In the best scenario, you could browse the net or ask for recommendations from your friends and family. But is that enough? You should also look out for certain qualities that will test their competency because you cannot take risks which such an expensive investment.

Prompt communication skills

You need to be connected with your real estate agent at all times. Whether it is through phone, email Skype or social media, the agent should respond to your queries within a few hours. If the agent makes a timely response to your phone call, he is infusing trust within you.

Passion for the job

A real estate job requires passion; it is not a 9 to 5 job, nor is it something you do with regular textbook learning. The agent has to apply his instincts, knowledge and foresight to making a good real estate deal. The agent will have to suffer through set-backs and disappointments while in the field; he should take them in good spirit and motivate his clients.

Having license is not enough

Of course, it goes without saying that your real estate agent should be licensed, but is that enough? He should be extremely knowledgeable about local and global market. He should have excellent negotiation skills to procure the best for his clients.

Honesty and integrity

These are the two important character traits that a real estate agent should have (1) Truth and (2) Integrity. The foundation of any real estate transaction should be based on truth, so the agent should be truthful to his client. Make sure your agent is honest with you right from the start. Bitter truth is always better than sugary lie. An agent with integrity will never lie.

Brave enough to take calculated risks

You must look for a real estate agent who will take calculated, educated risks. No point in losing sleep over undertakings that might lost you money in the long run.  In certain cases, however, taking risks might reap huge rewards, so the difference lies in knowing when to take ‘healthy’ risks.

A web-savvy Realtor

These days, all the eyeballs are tuned to the internet. So it is only natural that people look for listings on websites and hence your real estate agent must be quite good with the internet. Make sure your prospective buyers can find your property on the web.