Real estate investment is always an exciting prospect.Planned investments can even bring you financial freedom. If you are thinking of such an investment, go through the following options:

Development Properties

Buying development properties could be a crucial step in real estate investing because you are buying a particular piece of land with the intention of making money in the future. You buy an old block of land, demolish the old building there if necessary, build a few apartments or condos and then sell them at a profit. Though it sounds ridiculously simple, it may take a lot of careful planning depending on what kind of changes you have to do to the property. Structural changes, cosmetic changes, the location and your chances of reselling are some of the factors you must consider when you buy such properties.

 Distressed Properties

The main advantage of buying distressed properties is that you can usually get them at a lower price. Since the lenders, banks and even the homeowners are anxious to sell off the property, you are likely to get a good bargain out of such properties. Buyers looking to get good deals on homes can buy distressed properties. If you can get the property at a reasonable price, get good workers to do minor repairs and facelifts, you can either sell it off or hold the property as a rental.