Ones you decide to sell your home, the most important thing is to find a right, well informed Realtor in San Diego who is going to represent your interests and do the best he (or she) can to achieve the best possible outcome.

Quick overview of current San Diego Real Estate market

If we look at the current average price per square foot in San Diego, we are able to notice an increase of 21.4% in comparison to the same period of the last year. So, we are talking about $340, per square foot. Now, let’s review median sales price for the last 3 Months.  The median sales price in San Diego is close to $430,000 based on 2,500 sold houses during the last 3 Months, which is noticeable increase of almost 15% in comparison to the same period of the last year. Some of the most popular neighborhoods in San Diego are Mira Mesa and Rancho Bernardo. 

Setting the right price

If you are planning to sell your home in San Diego, price your home conservatively by reviewing the listings of similar houses currently on the market. You should also take a look at the homes that are not selling. By doing so, you will be able to notice which homes are over-priced in the current market. Also, under-pricing your real estate just slightly, could be a great tool to increase more foot traffic and create an atmosphere of “hot” property.

Make a home in San Diego welcoming

If you stuff your home with kids’ toys, stinky kitty litter and similar things – you will definitely chase away potential buyers. Even old and rusty furniture can have the same effect on potential buyers. That is just another reason why many sellers hire professional home stagers when they decide to sell their homes. Hiring an experienced Realtor in San Diego can also help, since an experienced Realtor knows what it takes in the order to sell the home fast.

Experienced Realtor in San Diego will create nice portfolio for your property

Before a potential buyer even decides to visit and consider your home, it is important to create an eye-catching online listing. Slapping up one or two blurry photos is not a good market strategy. Let’s also not forget a possibility of slightly re-touching pictures with new technology tools. We are not talking about changing the look of your home and creating something totally non-relevant to the current condition of your home. All potential buyers love brightness, so let’s take some photos on a sunny day. At least we have plenty of those in San Diego.