Investing in land or buying a property is a huge financial investment that would require a great deal of thought. A home of your own is a dream of every human being, and is an investment that can change your life. The sense of stability developed through this move surpasses the risks of financial commitment that you make.

If you are planning to buy land to build a San Diego home, then it would be a great idea because San Diego is one of the best places in California to settle down. Buying a land has its own advantages when compared to buying a ready-made home. (1) You can build according to your convenience (2) You can decide on the size and shape of the rooms. However, the emotional attachment that you will have for the home is so high. Doing a quick perusal of your finances would give you an idea of how much you need for a mortgage to buy a land and build a home there.

Have a look at the process involved in building a home on land:

  1. Find out whether you need to have a permit to build a home there. There are different kinds of permits, and you need to submit an application for the same, complete with relevant documents.
  2. While submitting the application for obtaining the permit, you need to know more details about the location. Find out if the property is located in a particular zone, whether it is within city limits, and what development regulations apply in the area.
  3. Find out if your property requires any special permits, for example, if the property is located near an environmentally sensitive land. In such cases, you will have to reveal the property use, it’s architectural and design plans as well. You will need to contact a Development Project Manager to finish the process.
  4. Once the plan reviewers go through your document, they will check whether everything is in place, including the drawings, maps and other materials.
  5. You will need to go through an inspection process; the type of inspection you have to undergo varies, depending on whether they are single family homes, condos or multi-family apartments/condos.

The permitting process is important because it is designed to check the health and safety of the environment and its residents. All new buildings in San Diego requite construction permits; it is through these permits that San Diego regulates construction of homes. There are permits for deciding the structure, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and combination installations as well.