It goes without saying that a home is where the heart is. But ever so often, people do not spend enough time checking out the neighborhood only to realize that they have made a poor choice. So while home hunting, take care to choose the neighborhood wisely. San Diego is one of the favored places among home hunters because it is quiet, peaceful, has agreeable weather and plenty of good neighborhoods – not to mention the renowned universities and schools. San Diego has the potential to become your next home, provided you do your search carefully. While choosing a neighborhood there are a few basic things that you must consider:

  • Basic amenities
  • Facilities for education
  • Medical and health care
  • Police station and ambulance

You must also be pretty sure about the kind of neighborhood you want to live in. Do you want to live closer to the city, or do you prefer a suburban area with plenty of parks and cycling trails? Do you want medical facilities within easy reach?


This is one of the prime concerns when it comes to selecting a neighborhood in San Diego. There are plenty of good locations in San Diego like Little Italy, La Mesa, Otay Mesa, Imperial Beach, Banker’s Hill and so on.

The kind of privacy needed

Privacy is a serious issue for many people. Some prefer to have friendly neighborhoods right next to them, while some prefer to live in secluded fenced in areas. You can also buy a house or a condo depending on the privacy level you need.

Shouldering responsibilities

When you live in certain communities, you will have to pitch in with your share of duities. In certain neighborhoods, you will have complete control regarding your duties. What kind of neighborhood do you prefer? A neighborhood where you want to have complete control or where there are neighbors to pitch in? This could relate to maintenance too. In some communities, you need to actively participate in outdoor work and maintenance, but in certain communities, you will have to pay for hired help.

Most of the neighborhoods in San Diego have people from different ethnic backgrounds, and it would be a great opportunity for you to mingle with different people while living in San Diego. While visiting the neighborhoods take care to visit each neighborhood that you like during different times of the day. It would tell you a lot about each neighborhood. It will also give you an insight into the noise levels and traffic conditions within the neighborhood.