When does old age really begin? Some people might say you get old at 50, some say 60 and it goes on. Whether you have a particular number for getting old or not, planning for a retirement home must be done carefully. Old is when you feel it in the body, not in the mind. First plan for your retirement days carefully, so that you can stay with the right people and get proper medical care, if required. The brutal fact of life is that old age not only happens to others, it happens to us as well, so plan for those days in your life… now.

San Diego is one of the best places to retire in and there are plenty of retirement communities that would give you all that you need in the twilight years of your life. The climate is good, you can easily enjoy a healthy and fun-filled life in any of the retirement homes there. San Diego is known for its low-crime status, which would be a good thing. If you want to go shopping, or a dinner at a restaurant, shopping or even cycling during the weekend, San Diego is the best. About affordability, you really have to be careful because San Diego is rated to be the 4th most expensive city in the US.

Some of the best areas in San Diego, and their distance from the city:

La Jolla – 10.1 miles

Roseville – 4.1 miles

Marina – 0.6 miles

Columbia – 0.6 miles

Pacific Beach – 7.7 miles

Ocean Beach – 5.3 miles

Old Town – 2.6 miles

Midtown – 1.9 miles

Little Italy – 0.9 miles

Rolling Hills Ranch, Chula Vista – 12.5 miles

Kensington – 4.9 miles

West University Heights – 3.1 miles

The list is not complete, there are still plenty of good places to live in San Diego, and these places are rated the best due to their livability factor. These are all nice and quiet neighborhoods with clean, well-maintained and properly lighted streets. Transportation access is at par, with options for several public transportation modes and freeways. Parking is easy as the neighborhoods are less crowded. Certain communities do not allow pets, but that is not the case with these communities. Additionally, you have pet parks and veterinary facilities nearby. San Diego is not near any major hurricane, tornado or flood areas, so it is pretty much safe as well. You also have the freedom to follow any religion that you follow and there are places to worship your belief.