Two major factors are of prime concern for people interested in investing in San Diego. They are (1) return on investment and (2) potential for earning profit in the future. The attraction of investing in real estate is that one can easily avail a mortgage; hence there is no need to worry about tying up all the money in a single investment. Suppose you buy a property for $350,000 in San Diego and its value increases to $400,000 in 5 years, then the annual return in investment on that property is 9.5%. If that looks good enough for you, then you must realize that it all boils down to choice of location eventually.

San Diego is a beautiful city, noted for its spectacular views and luxury condos. There are about 483,092 housing units, comprising of condos, apartments, homes and townhouses; the median house value is at $510,525. The appreciation rates for homes have also been better than the national average.

Here are some of the noted areas in San Diego:

North Park area

North Park is a typical downtown area and you can easily identify it by the large sign near 30th Street in the center of University Avenue. Being a diverse neighborhood, you can buy single family homes, apartment complexes and plenty of business establishments. North Park is a business district as well. Some of the famous communities in North Park are Normal Heights, Kensington, City Heights, University Heights, Burlingame and South Park.


This is a beach community and the third largest city in San Diego. Sunset in the beach is one of the most beautiful sights here, and the residents and visitors are offered a quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle. Unlimited water sports and other recreation, San Diego Zoo, Sea world, Disneyworld and plenty more. Significant changes in the community have made it extremely popular among tourists. The fact that it is close to Los Angeles only adds to its charm.

Spring Valley

Spring Valley is also noted for entertainment activities and adventure; most of them right next to apartments. Lush and landscaped grounds, shopping centers and swimming pools are other attractions. Some of the famous neighborhoods within Spring Valley are Dictionary Hill, Sweetwater Village, Bancroft, Brookside, Spring Valley and La Presa.

La Jolla

La Jolla is a popular residential area in San Diego. There are plenty of single family homes and high-rise apartments in the city. Most of the homes are fairly new and you can find a rich collection of youngsters here. The median real estate price for homes is $1,129,983.

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